We all know trampolines are awesome fun and we also know they can be dangerous if you are not careful how you use them, just check out Utube trampoline fails. There are mountains of stories and warnings from doctors and parents about broken bones and dangerous injury from trampolines, mostly in the backyard and often due to the persons own reckless actions. As youngsters we are bulletproof and always looking to push the boundaries of our own safety or that of a younger sibling aka the “test pilot “.

But that will not stop us bouncing on trampolines or trying new things on trampolines, it is how we learn about our abilities, about risk and sometimes about physics, and it’s fun!

Indoor trampoline parks like Rebound Arena allow all ages to experience the bounce of a well-built trampoline with superior build quality and bounce, variety and a level padded deck to land on when things don’t go quite right. Being the provider of these facilities means we have a very serious duty of care to all our customers to provide the safest facility that we can, this includes not only the careful design of our venue but the quality of our equipment, including springs, padding and mats and the safety rules and supervision guidelines that we enforce with all patrons that come to Rebound.  These are all dictated by the Australian trampoline park association guidelines and newly published Australian Standards (covered in a later blog) and our internal policies and procedures.

These safety guidelines are not only our way of providing the best and safest environment that we can for all our customers but is also an ongoing requirement for our insurance. These guidelines cover everything from our grip socks to our very important one person per trampoline policy.

Sadly, we cannot protect everyone from their own recklessness, however our vigilance in maintaining our commitment to safety can help hundreds of newcomers explore the wonders of trampolining in a safer controlled environment. We look forward to seeing you at Rebound too!